About Kidyak

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Our story

So I introduce myself and speak about who I am and why I doing Kidyak:

I’m Bernát Pipis

I’ve been kayaking since I was little. I have started with a trip canoe. As a child, I went to a school where from early summer until the very end of fall we spend almost every weekend on the Danube, Tisza, Rába, on water, and for that, I will be forever grateful to Zugliget. It was only later, when I was introduced to the world of kayak racing. It wasn’t my world. I couldn’t keep up. I just wanted to discover the many beauties of our planet on water, to stop in the middle of a lake at sunset, make landing pads for dragonflies.

Later on, the waves of life drifted me towards the shore of Lake Balaton. I fell in love with sea kayaks. We opened rental shops at first, then started organizing sea kayak races on the Hungarian ‘sea’.

A couple of years later, when my daughters were old enough to be taken on a first serious kayak trip, I’ve started to look on the Internet to find out what kayak should I buy Her, Them.

I didn’t want a 2 man kayak, for multiple reasons which I’m not going to go into, but we’d have less space, and I want to teach Them independence. I want them to work on improving themselves, and to take responsibility for their actions. In other words, when the family goes on a bicycle trip, we don’t all just hop on to one tandem. We all have our own bikes.

It’s no secret that I haven’t found a model which I liked.

Me myself use an EPIC 18X  and a Melker Ulvön, most of the times, I always use this two boats on trips.

I’m looking for the same tier of quality in a smaller size, specifically made for children. Not just a shorter model, not a smaller adult kayak. No! I was looking for a professional kayak made for kids. I required, that in terms of materials, weight, and equipment, it was in the same category as a high tier adult kayak. If I’m insistent on top quality, how could I sit my child in a kayak that I wouldn’t want to row a single meter in? It wouldn’t make any sense.

I’ve decided that there is no such kayak, so we’d have to make to make the perfect kayak for kids, the KIDYAK. So here we are!

My partner in designing: Pisti Németh

Pisti has 35 years of experience in construction of boats. He’s been building and repairing kayaks and canoes of the world’s best rowers for decades. Since the idea of KIDYAK was born, he’s been keenly working on designs.

After the initial dimensions of a kayak have been determined, every main parameter is adjusted to the kids’ measurements. We have researched anatomical assessments to determine the ideal parameters based on data like the hip and thigh sizes of the “target audience”.

This is where the construction and trimming begins, constantly keeping in mind the requirements of professional kayaks, such as the space for storage units, cordage, fitment, and the adequate type of wheel.

The kayak is not yet finished. It never will be!
We will always find something that can be improved, for better stability, loadabilty, manouverabilty, …

But this is how things should be. This is what keeps the world moving, this is how a KIDYAK is improving, in the service of our little kayakers’ satisfaction. Join our tribe and experience the joy of kayaking with kids!

“I’ve decided that there is no such kayak, so we’d have to make to make the perfect kayak for kids, the KIDYAK.”